Chance of a Lifetime!

"LionKiller" is bringing together the worlds best grapplers and strikers in one magnificent event! It is the Largest elimination tournament of its kind on the planet! If your looking to make a name for yourself this is it! All combatants will be showcasing their skills on "Fighter Idols" episode one "The Gathering!" This is the event you don't want to miss! Open to Grapplers as well as Strikers! You Grapple in and you fight to Win! The "LionKiller" is  the largest elimination tournament of its Kind! Separate Grapplers only divisions! There are divisions for male and female Amateurs and Professionals!

"LionKiller is unlike any event in the history of Mixed Martial Arts!"

John Hanni,

Lifelong Martial Artist

About Us

Valerie Morgan,


Don’t miss your chance to enter the “LionKiller World Championships!" Are you an MMA or Jiu Jitsu Fighter? Do you want to make a name for yourself? Then you need to get signed up for the “LionKiller World Championships!" It’s the largest MMA event of its kind ever! You grapple your way in and you fight to win! There is no other event like this! Open to male and female amateurs and professionals. Separate divisions for those who choose to grapple only! Registration is limited! You have 1 year to train and get ready! Sign up today! Be there or be nowhere! Early sign up guarantees participation in "Fighter Idol's" episode one “The Gathering!”

For registration assistance call or text 610-348-3582 or go to the website